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Changing the trajectory
of the gig economy. exists to supply tech-heads with a hub of passive/low-effort resources that aid in adding to their income in a fun, attainable way. Future endeavors will abound, including a minicourse on funneled retail arbitrage, a set of blog posts to supply encouragement and advice in finding balance in the week-to-week grind, and even a referral earning opportunity! Stay abreast of what we're doing and tell your friends!

Studying at Home
Student Basketball Players
School Hallway
Girls in the Library
Design Student
Library Student
Student at the Library
Student Street Notes
College Students in Campus
Library Study Group


I'm a dad. I'm a Christian. I love people. I have an "accomplishment bucket list" that doesn't include buying a Lambo. My dream is to travel and promote inner-city homeless ministries.

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